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January 2014


Spring Is Upon Us… Even in the Winter!

The Lifelong Learning program at Stetson University is currently preparing for its spring term launch at the Celebration, DeLand, and Solivita locations! In addition to our registration experiences, we invite you to join us for our opening event at the Celebration Center January 30th, 1 – 2:30pm. Craig Schneider, Regional Director of Operations, with Starbucks coffee will be presenting a guest lecture for us entitled The Coffee Connection – Bringing Coffee to Life! Providing free Starbucks coffee for members, past and present, along with friends and local community residents – Mr. Schneider will provide information on coffee production, various coffee origins, and Starbucks contribution to communities throughout the globe.



Lifelong Learning Visits the ‘Art’rium

The Lifelong Learning program at Stetson University held their first art extravaganza Wednesday in their beautiful atrium. Lifelong Learning student/teacher and Celebration resident Meryl Rachlin conceived the program and invited four additional Central Florida artists to display and talk about their artwork… (more)



Lifelong Learning Open House at Celebration Center

All ‘types’ of species were in attendance at the Lifelong Learning Open House event held in Celebration on Wednesday, August 28th! Our friend, Izzy, a 3 year old alligator… (more)

JULY 2013


Blackboard World 2013 Conference

This year the Bb conference was held in Las Vegas. It was hot in Florida with temperatures in the 90’s but Las Vegas was even hotter with temps in the 105-115 degree range. Who would think I’d go from hot to hotter? The conference provided an opportunity to learn about the upgrades that Stetson would soon be installing the first week in August. Plus

JUNE 2013


We Were ‘Blown Away’ at the Celebration Center

Have you ever truly stopped to ponder if you heard the sirens and the weather forecasters were giving us the true indications of approaching Category 3, 4, or 5 hurricanes – if you were really ready?

During the Summer Guest Lecture series at Stetson University Celebration Center, June 12th Tony Mainolfi, Chief Meteorologist with WESH 2 News, spoke to the Lifelong Learning group regarding… (more)

MAY 2013


Lifelong Learning appreciation luncheon held at the Celebration Center

You know that moment when you just ‘feel’ the excitement? You can literally sense the enthusiasm in the air just by walking into the room – that was the sense of yesterday’s Lifelong Learning appreciation luncheon held at the Celebration Center. Attended by… (more)

APRIL 2013


Lifelong Learning visit to Wat Florida Dhammaram Buddhist Temple 

Some say “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Others say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But I ask you, have you ever walked out of an experience knowing if the opportunity hadn’t risen to attend – you would probably never experience something like it again? April 15th was that day for me. Lifelong Learning had an amazing opportunity to visit Wat Florida Dhammaram Buddhist Temple. Both groups of Lifelong members, from Celebration and DeLand, joined together in further ‘religious’ studies of the world. At Wat Florida Dhammaram the mission and purpose is… (more)


JOIN US FOR A WEBINAR –  Evolution of Intellectual Property (IP) Issues in Distance Learning

Tuesday, April 16
2:00-4:00 pm EDT

Location: Library room 25

The evolution of IP in distance learning will discuss the various issues involving copyright and patent issues in distance education. In particular, this webinar will discuss how IP historically intersects with the development distance learning platforms, distance learning courses and the distribution of information for purposes of distance learning. The webinar will also discuss the possible future impact of IP on the development of new distance learning models like MOOCs and the use of data in the distance learning enterprise.

Kimberly Bonner, Esq.
Director, Center for Intellectual Property
University of Maryland University College

Sponsored by UPCEA’s OMD Network with the Center for Intellectual Property, University of Maryland University College.

MARCH 2013


Bringing the Community to the Celebration Center

Did you know that Osceola County is at a 9% unemployment rate? Well, seeing a huge need and having the opportunity to do something about it – Stetson University Celebration Center along with the Celebration Area Council held its first Career Fair on Thursday March 7th.  The event was highly successful touting 22 employers… (more)


Kids in College?

It’s early Saturday morning and most school aged children are yearning to sleep in, however, if you are a HATS student you are already on your way to campus.   Campus? That’s right! Once a month on… (more)


Who ever said politics couldn’t be funny?  Well, certainly not the Lifelong Learning members that attended the guest lecture on Wednesday, February 6, with the Hon. Bob Edgar, President and CEO of Common Cause, General Secretary of the National Council of Churches for seven years, President of Claremont School of Theology and former member of Congress from Pennsylvania.  (more)
Stetson sponsored its first Bicycling Road Scholar program which attracted over 20 participants ranging from 60 to 85 years of age. There have been times I filled in for instructors and other professionals over my 16 years of overseeing Elderhostel now Road Scholar programs but last week was… (more)



The article, Online Courses Create New Learning Methods, is worth reading if interested in learning more about hybrid and online learning especially as it relates to a small liberal arts college. As Roger Ulrich, a classics professor, at Dartmouth College stated, “Nobody wants to replace the wonderful things about a small liberal arts college that are working.” Read the entire article at


From the Lifelong at Celebration Open House

Well, we built it, and they came! Friday, January 25th was the Open House for Lifelong Learning at the Celebration Center. It was a huge success. With the support of our fabulous volunteers and a few extra hands from the Deland campus, we welcomed over 150 attendees. In attendance admiring the course offerings from women’s health to genealogy, visitors and returning members had an opportunity to meet with the instructors that would be holding courses. The mission of Stetson Lifelong at both Celebration and Deland is to provide local residents and Stetson alumni an educational place for intellectual discussion while interacting with other mature adults in a social environment. The effort is focused on membership, and those that are willing to volunteer their time and talents to teach, and develop courses and activities.

Upcoming events for Celebration’s Lifelong program this term include several guest lectures with the first being presented by the Hon. Bob Edgar on February 6th, speaking to the “Isn’t Good Government Everyone’s Common Cause?” Other guest lectures include topics on Bob Hope, Hospice Care, and Israel ‘Made Elementary.’

We will also be holding a choir concert event put on by our very own Music Department on February 28th.

We are looking forward to a fantastic upcoming term!

DECEMBER 2012 – “Fuzziness to Clarity — All in a Day’s Work”

On the Monday after Thanksgiving, the professional staff from Boundless Learning™ gathered to discuss our vision, mission and goals. This was only the second time that we’ve had the opportunity to come together for a meeting, in part due to the nature of the work we do, but also our locations, it is difficult to gather the group. In the room were… (more)

NOVEMBER 2012 – Welcome to the Inaugural Post for the Boundless Learning CyberCafe

This blog for Boundless Learning, has been designed to give faculty, staff and administrators across the Stetson University campuses, insight into our work and our goals. The communication will be interactive highlighting changes, and happenings that are relevant to wider campus knowledge. Please take the time to review the information, and we hope that this form of communication will increase everyone’s understanding of Boundless Learning.

Changes at Celebration

Toni Castillo has been named the new Director of Stetson University Celebration Center, and began in mid-August. The new Director’s areas will include… (more)

NEW PARTNERS: Center for Business Excellence

The Department of Continuing Education has partnered with the Center for Business Excellence (CBE) for Volusia and Flagler Counties to start offering… (more)


I am pleased to announce that Shelley Gross-Gray has been selected as the Lead Instructional Designer and Director of Learning Technologies for Boundless Learning at Stetson University and… (more)


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